David and his dog Ali.

Thank you for checking out my art. My name is David Massey. I'm a traditional landscape artist and I currently live in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. I love everything about nature, from prairies to mountains, animals and birds. I have a passion for the outdoors; the feeling it gives to be away in a quiet spot. Art is a way I can express that, sharing those moments and feelings with you. If you are interested in knowing a little more about me then feel free to keep reading. Otherwise thanks again and if you have any questions please send me a message!

I was born in Saskatchewan and lived on a grain farm in my early years. This gave me an inherited love for the prairie; old barns, big skies, and endless fields of swaying grain. Growing up in Alberta, with it’s bountiful landscapes instilled an appreciation for the mountains, rivers and abundance of amazing wildlife. I've always loved to draw. One day I picked up a paintbrush and that led me here. Exploring the rural areas of this country is something I'll always love. We have so many wonderful communities with extraordinary amounts of the scenic countryside where wildlife thrives. From the prairies to the west country to the shores of Vancouver Island, I've found beauty throughout and most often times where I least expected it. Sharing these times with my close friends and family has created memories that will last my lifetime.

It's these memories that inspire me to create. Life itself is beautiful. I feel my art reflects my prairie roots, love of the mountains and longing for the west coast. The beauty of Canada’s landscapes and nature drive me to create pieces that reflect the incredible diversity and loveliness of our amazing country. I want my art to reflect that inspiration and connect with those who share that similar love. I want my painting to speak to your senses and take you to a moment in time.


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